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The Gypsy King knows just enough to get in trouble. He met trouble while he was having computer trouble. She is the Computer Shaman and works much magic on computer repair. She resides in the Acient city (St. Augustine Fl) and the Gypsy King began visiting often. They fell in love and the Gypsy King married the Computer Shaman on 01 December 2003, soon after they started working together in the computer repair business. The business called Plug and Play, belongs to the Computer Shaman (the Gypsy King of course having no posessions as gypsy's are want to do). As the last act as the Gypsy King, the king renounced the crown and stepped down to fill the opening of the Computer Shaman as her personal assistant/slave

Special Offer

We offer a sixty five dollar tune-up of your machine. We ensure your Virus/Spyware protection is up-to-date. We make recommendations to speed up your machine. And we do it better and for less money than the other guys.

Hours: 8 to 4


the shores, st augustine fl

Phone: 904 347 1298

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: